Science for the art.

Oleplastica LLC is the company of Oleg Klyuchnikov, Chem.D. The Rubber Plasticine he invented is the very first core product of our company. Now we produce various materials for arts and crafts market both for its development and for our joy.

We are the family of polymer chemists and "science for the art" is our main passion.

Пример игрушки из пластилина


About the company

1. Only own R&D products
Each product is being tested for several months. And the Rubber Plasticine is a subject of research for many years.
2. Our production and QC
Our manufacturing site and R&D are located in Kazan, Russia. We use only Russian and Euporean raw materials.
3. Science could be art and versa
For our target is to provide materials for development and creativity, create a youth's traction for natural science and experiments.
4. We are the family company
Our development is tied up with the family values. And we value the environment that generates and embodies the unusual ideas.
5. The plasticines and sealants
Our plasticine-to-rubber sealant Cold Rubber is at the prototype stage. The mixing of two parts of it results in water- or oilproof durable rubber.
6. The safety
Isn't the matter of concern for the customers. We test and certify each product prior to the marketing.


Резиновый пластилин
becomes very flexible after the baking
The hybrid of a polymer clay and a non-newton fluid. It can be molded like a plasticine. Yet after the heating - durable, highly elastic, can be stretched and squeezed.
My Gum
The jumping putties by Oleplastica
It was our dream to produce the jumping putty. MY GUM is based on the pure silicon and comprises no solids. The flavour scents are those of Russian and Europian production. It is like to be a confectioners.
Холодная резина
2К sealants in plasticine form
The mix of the components results in the durable waterproof/oilproof rubber. Without the heating. Or, with the heating if you wish to accelerate the process up to 2 minutes.


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